Many parents are opting for their kids to attend private schools. That is because they want a more comprehensive skill set and many opportunities. Not to mention, they want to prepare their kids for enriched and successful lives.

There are many options in the private school industry, with alternative and boarding schools being popular among parents. But it is crucial to ensure you explore every avenue and determine if the Hong Kong private school you choose can guarantee you the following benefits:

Private School

A More Meaningful Connection

Advisors and teachers build healthy relationships with parents and students to create a lasting and solid team. In private schools, tutors have a lot of opportunities to establish a connection in the community.

Even after students graduate, private schools invite some of them as visitors so that new students can learn from them. Alumni return as visitors to at least share their successes and experiences or even work in those schools.

Potentially More Finances

The tuition you and other parents of a Hong Kong private school contribute mainly to funding and developing unique programs, primarily restricted in many public schools.

A private school can provide other activities, like field trips, which help reinforce the school’s curriculum. Such trips will allow your kids to build independence and form close relationships/friendships.

In addition, private schools have more finances to provide the right supplies to run student clubs. Private schools also create private programs which tie sciences or arts into the general curriculum.

Goes in Line with Students’ Personal Beliefs

Some might choose private schools, which are in line with all their beliefs. There are numerous religions represented in private schools.

In most private schools, students receive great academic instruction in a faith-based environment, supporting values taught to students at home.

There are Extracurricular Activities

Although education remains the priority for many private schools, most emphasize well-rounded academics. Private schools, like YMCA Christian Academy, encourage students to be part of extracurricular activities, including arts, clubs, music, and sports. This helps to motivate every student in their academics.

According to many academic experts, sports, which have become part of everyday life, make students more focused. Extracurricular activities, like sports, provide a break from the stress that comes with academics and, at the same time, engage in critical social situations and improve skills.

Flexibility and Choice

Private schools are better equipped to provide families with remote and on-campus learning experiences, not to mention flexibility and choice to move between these two as coronavirus affects the community.

Many private schools have low teacher-to-student ratios and more classroom and campus spaces to break tutors and students into cohorts or small pods, as advised by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Plus, they have a lot of resources they can use to invest in technological advancements and professional development of teachers to effectively tutor both remote and on-campus students.

Encourage the Involvement of Parents

Private schools encourage every parent to be involved in their children’s activities and the community. This is crucial since it gives them a chance to be in the know and part of their children’s educational activities.

Among the things you may take part in include parent breakfasts, fundraising activities, and family camping. You’re also encouraged to attend teacher-parent meetings so you can be part of your kids’ education.

Infrastructure Availability and Smart Classes

How does infrastructure availability or innovative classes impact a child’s growth and development? While most argue that space doesn’t count, some say that dedication to growing and learning matters.

The environment is also crucial for students. Bigger classrooms with internet services, medical services, electricity, pure water, necessary lights, and pleasant temperature comfort students in school.

All these will help your kids to focus on their studies by creating a beautiful environment that allures them to private schools.

Sense of Community and School Pride

School pride and a sense of community are added benefits of private schools. Students have to go through the application process before they enroll. This way, you will feel proud when you start the process.

Opportunities and smaller school size improve to improve a sense of school pride and community. Parents can feel this sentiment too. In a particular report from the Fraser Institute, around 65% of private school parents report that the environment of their schools is nurturing, supportive, and motivating.

Dedicated and Passionate Teachers

According to a survey from Fraser Institute, more than 80% of parents list tutor dedication as the major reason to choose private schools.

Tutors in many private schools are mostly qualified with a high degree in the tutoring field. These teachers are passionate about their subjects and are motivated to engage students by acting as role models.

Parents also report having open communication with teaching staff and administration. This creates more opportunities to be involved in your children’s education.

Opportunities for Scholarships

Although private schools cost a lot compared to public schools, you need to research the scholarship opportunities in every school near you.

You will find that most of them offer very great opportunities for scholarships, especially to well-performing students, based on need or merit.

Students in Private Schools Gain Confidence

Students in private schools get equal representation, boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Private school students actively participate in several debate competitions and other activities.

Their communication skills are well-polished too, and they are somehow expressive, thanks to the lovely environment private schools have.

In addition, private school students are often motivated by their tutors each time they participate in classroom activities or come up with innovative ideas.

The Takeaway!

Academic matters are tough to wrap your head with, especially in this constantly growing world. What used to be forming a child’s brain is now all about a system of scores and degrees.

But also note that preparedness for continued education and smaller class sizes will lead to kids who acquire a great deal of intelligence, thanks to the benefits that come with private schools.