For five-12 months-vintage Arifa Sultana, Monday morning proved to be a sheer affliction. The child who turned to begin going to Class I not best had to see her father struggling to get a reimbursement of the price from the school; however additionally see him try and devote suicide as the school became unwilling to relent.
An alternate inside the family’s circumstances had compelled her father Mohammed Rafiq to show up at DK Naidu School, situated on Sultanpalya Main Road, to call for that the price paid for her admission, books, and stationery be refunded. Rafiq pleaded with the college management to go back the cash. However, it becomes in vain.
Feeling helpless, he tried to jump from the school building along with his daughter but became prevented via artist Badal Nanjundaswamy, who befell passing by.

“I became passing through on the way to home. I changed into moved with the aid of the plight hapless woman, who changed into crying inconsolably. I idea it changed into cruelty in opposition to the child. I rushed to the building and took the woman away from Mohammed Rafiq. Later I got here to recognize approximately the plight of Rafiq, who has been running as a security protect at a residential condo. I believe that faculty management must be magnanimous and attempt to assist Rafiq. It may be a huge quantity for him,’’ said Nanjundaswamy.

Denied price refund, determine attempts to cease life at school 1
Mohammed Rafiq instructed Bangalore Mirror that his mother has been hospitalized in Raichur for renal ailment. He said that he had migrated from Raichur to Bengaluru greater than 10 years ago and has been operating as a security guard.
“I desired to get my daughter admitted to DK Naidu School for Class 1. I paid the admission rate of Rs 8,000 and Rs 4,500 towards books and stationery on May 15. Now, I need to help my mom. So, I determined to shift the family to my local area. I explained my problems to the faculty management on Saturday. They advised me to come back on Monday. I got here right here with my daughter to gather the quantity; however, the faculty control refused to return the money,’’ Rafiq said.

He said that he would ship his daughter to a government college in his local region and use the quantity (to be returned using D K Naidu School) for his mother Saleema’s remedy.
“The school instructors referred to as the police to complain about me instead of returning my money. Now, they tell me that they need three more days to repay it to me,’’ he stated.
Shivakala N, a trainer operating at D K Naidu School, stated that she turned into forced to call the police to save you, Rafiq, from developing troubles at the school premises.
When contacted, Manjunath, branch head, D K Naidu School, has stated that he wished 3 to four days to refund the quantity to Rafiq.

“We should comply with a procedure to get permission from the control to refund the quantity. I need to contact better government before taking any decision on refunding the cash,” Manjunath said.
When asked approximately the amount amassed for books and stationery, he stated the faculty control had a agreement with Innovative Enterprises for supplying books and stationery.