During their experience, the group visited other Ivy League schools, such as Harvard University and Columbia University. However, to achieve a more thorough angle on American coaching techniques, the Haishi Team visited a nearby middle college in New York (Boynton Middle School). There, they sat in on a category with students to further improve American teaching techniques. On their last prevent, the organization went to TAL’s R&D department in Silicon Valley to collect an in-depth understanding of “AI+ Education” and share online coaching enjoy with R&D personnel. At the ability, every person tested the empowering results and capability personalized online schooling can offer, exploring the future development of online schooling.

Dahai one-to-one & Cornell University Customize Educational Training Courses 1

Haishi American Education and Training is one of Dahai’s top instructor training packages. With the improvement of modern technology, trendy education is now not a conventional model of blackboards and chalk. Modern teaching strategies no longer only complement lecture room content material but also improve teaching efficiency between teachers and their college students’ interest in gaining knowledge. Making teachers extra adept to net development has to turn out to be a focal point of instructor schooling. Dahai is dedicated to enhancing teachers’ competencies and personal accomplishments, supporting teachers to adapt to new technological adjustments, including AI and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). By doing so, instructors can make online one-to-one teaching greater powerful.

Huang Bainan, head of Dahai’s Haishi Teacher Team, believes the event is intended to allow our instructors to advantage deeper expertise of American politics, tradition, education, and generation, even as obtaining palms-on experience from some of the arena’s leading universities. These accomplishments will make their horizons bigger and beautify their information for a future career, instructional, and personal improvement.

This time, Cornell University specially tailored the schooling application for the Haishi group. Bryan Duff, a professor and Senior Lecturer from the University, gave an in-depth introduction to the American schooling device, analyzing the differences between Chinese and American schooling models. As he mentioned the advantages and downsides of the two, the professor explained common techniques and strategies utilized by American teachers. Importance is given to a students’ self-questioning abilities, and college students are encouraged to invite brave questions. Students need to be praised for any question requested as “There is no stupid query, most effective imperfect answers.”

Similarly, the Dahai advocates a parallel educational philosophy focused on “stimulating mastering hobby, growing knowledge of behavior, and building a know-how system.” Encouragement-based totally praise up kid’s hobby in getting to know. By studying to simulate a hobby, a teacher can guide questions actively in magnificence, encouraging kids to ask questions and participate. When students ask questions, the teacher gives praise and appearance to inspire other college students to locate their personal solutions. Dahai’s AI study room monitoring system can intelligently hit upon college students’ query answering and summarize the complete class as visible reports. The feedback is then used to domesticate students’ appropriate gaining knowledge of conduct. Dahai hopes to strengthen its clever gadget and learning efficiency through combining those techniques, improving its pupil’s studying technique and framework.

After the training route, the group also visited Boynton Middle School, a prominent neighborhood school. They took classes with the students and closely determined, reading the technique and manner in which the teachers gave commands. The members located it significantly worthwhile, having a renewed expertise of the trainer-scholar dating and the full benefits of student participation.

During the shared coaching enjoy, several team individuals found that honing college students’ impartial getting to know interest is the cornerstone for nurturing students’ skills. A “Haishi” teacher from Beijing Jiaotong University stated, “Students usually have thoughts of which coaching fashion they prefer. If the fashion works for them, they will progressively become extra inclined to invite questions and grow to be greater outgoing. From passive studying to lively gaining knowledge of, enthusiasm will encourage regularly development.”

The use of AI generation will intelligently record college students’ study room questions, answers, and notes and summarize the class. This will assist children in increasing accurate learning habits like “inclined expression, diligent writing, and main to a successful conclusion.” Dahai one-to-one hopes to promote getting to know efficacy thru after-college coaching, making an allowance for visible adjustments.

The Director of TAL Silicon Valley R&D Department stated: “As TAL’s first overseas team, we can take blessings of regional improvement of science, generation, and talents in Silicon Valley to combine cognitive technology with instructional psychology and survey facts. This innovation in regions, together with voice and language generation, can grow Dahai’s medical capability. Therefore, providing a riding pressure for the exploration of new academic models. By counting on the clinical approach, we may also be capable of clear up the imbalance of education sources, allowing more youngsters to revel in exceptional personalized content.