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If you want to develop your career, consider becoming a nurse midwife. Providing holistic, women-centered care before, during, and after childbirth is a rewarding occupation for those with an advanced degree.

The role of a nurse Midwife

The role of a nurse midwife can span from adolescent patients to those in the later child-bearing years. Nurse midwives focus on providing exceptional care to women when they are expecting a new baby.

Education is a crucial part of being a nurse midwife. Education is an essential part of being a nurse midwife. Educating new parents about what to expect when a baby arrives can be an exciting part of your job as you share their anticipation. You also help parents who are expecting but already have a child or children by educating them on how to adapt to another baby.

As a peer of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, a nurse midwife provides prenatal and postnatal care to women, confirms the date of pregnancy and anticipated birth, and educates women on what to expect during childbirth.

Labor and delivery of the baby

The focus is on the labor and delivery of the baby during its birth, during which the midwife’s duties include monitoring the mother and baby’s heart rate, assessing and treating the pain levels of the mother, and assisting during the birth.

Breastfeeding can be a difficult process for new mothers and sometimes for existing mothers, so a nurse midwife is an essential partner in educating and supporting mothers who breastfeed. Mothers who bottle-feed their babies also need help understanding the proper amount of formula for each stage of the baby’s first year.

Additional responsibilities of a nurse midwife

A trained midwife functions similarly to a gynecologist by diagnosing and treating gynecological issues and infertility. You extend the highest level of care to women and support them on their journey to good health.

While a midwife is a primarily birthing partners, they also address other issues women face. Caring for vulnerable women is a significant role for the nurse midwife.

The practice of evidence-based care

A particular focus of the nurse midwife is practicing evidence-based care. This is true for all medical professionals as they use evidence to support a care plan. Using the best research, the patient’s preferences and clinical experience can lead to an effective care plan being arranged for a patient.

Patient satisfaction with nurse midwives

Many patients report a high level of satisfaction with the care of a nurse midwife. They feel there are fewer unnecessary medical procedures, better access to quality medical care, and a more interactive and responsive relationship with the midwife.

Patients also say that they receive compassionate care and make meaningful connections with the midwife. They report feeling they get individualized care and support as they navigate fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Characteristics of effective midwives

Becoming a nurse midwife is a worthy goal you can achieve through online midwifery programs, such as the course offered by Baylor University, which focuses on attaining the skills necessary to excel in this career. In addition to a degree, personal characteristics make a more effective midwife who can transition from her current nursing role.

Listening skills

A nurse midwife needs excellent listening skills. Because each mother is unique and has her preferences, you should listen carefully to offer wise advice concerning the labor and delivery of the baby. It would be best if you strived to remember the mother’s preferences by executing their wishes before, during, and after the birth.

Understanding attitude

Many patients say having a nurse midwife gives them a caring, understanding individual while having their baby. This can be stressful for some pregnant women, so having a compassionate medical professional with them can help curb their anxiety. Midwives should nurture an open dialogue where patients can ask questions and receive an honest, thoughtful answers.


New mothers will look to a nurse midwife for direction and help in making decisions. You can be a valuable resource for mothers who need support during birth, advocating for their needs when they can’t or won’t for themselves. Every delivery can have unexpected complications or challenges, and knowing you are there with them can give mothers confidence that you will deal competently with any problem that might arise.

Calm and nurturing

A nurse midwife must remain calm and nurturing during a birth. The inevitable challenges and stress of childbirth require a midwife to handle stress well and stay calm to inspire the same in the mother.


Your patients should have complete confidence in your trustworthiness as their midwife. Your role is to ensure they feel safe and secure with you, knowing you are their advocate and will support them. Childbirth is a significant event in every mother’s life, and they need the assurance that you are there to help them. Remember that you will likely be the first to hold their baby, an emotional moment.


Midwifery is an excellent choice for those considering a second career in nursing. The profession offers a rewarding and fulfilling career path with opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of women and their families, providing advice, care, and support before, during, and after pregnancy.

Whether you want to change or expand your nursing skills, midwifery provides an exciting and fulfilling option. So, if you are considering a second career in nursing, explore the possibilities and opportunities of becoming a midwife.