Laura Jones is a maximum unusual hit celebrity stylist. For a few years, she targeted the latest trends and who is wearing what these days.

Then, as if hit with the aid of a lightning bolt, she woke up to the effect the style industry was having on the environment when she had a meeting with a sustainable style designer, and it changed her at her core.

It made her re-compare the paintings she had been doing and what she knew.  As a result, in 2018, she started a new magazine centered on the sustainable style known as Frontlash.

When I interviewed Jones on the Earth Day Network 2019 gala these days, we talked plenty about the roots of the fashion enterprise’s battle to be sustainable and the innovations that might be evolving and could hold to adapt from that journey. You can examine approximately that during my different Forbes weblog here.

Unusual Career Advice From A Celebrity Stylist Turned Sustainability Advocate 1

Since Jones pivoted her profession quite dramatically to align her work extra with her new values, I requested her how she did it and what professional recommendation she has for different women.

Here are professional tips from our conversation:

Ask quite a few questions: Jones explained that the key to her maintaining her sanity and succeeding in launching the mag was that she requested lots of questions.  “Ask quite a few questions, more than you suspect is suitable. And, you have to ask those questions of yourself…of your family….Of all of us that you understand or that is aware of a person inside the discipline you need to go into.” These answers will assist open your eyes to the truth of the arena you believe you studied you need to get into, so you are higher organized.”
Understand the levels of your pivot: Getting those solutions will assist you in apprehending how to make the shift.  It could be in tiers, Jones stated, whether or not you shift completely as she did, or extra gradually through preserving your day task or other current paintings portfolio.

Be inclined to see your new international with open eyes: “You’ll discover that matters are specified in the international you’re captivated with and for your contemporary global,” Jones said, so be willing to look at those differences and make alternatives with as clean information as feasible at each stage.
“An inquiring, curious thought is the essential basis closer to a successful pivot of any kind,” Jones insisted, and I couldn’t agree to extra.  It’s additionally the key to a richer life.

Get your ducks in a row before you bounce: Jones identified that she had the resources and scenario for you to take some months off of her ordinary work to pivot and discover this new mag assignment and that now not all and sundry can try this.  You can work up to that factor or leverage the resources you do must do it at the least incrementally till you may shift.
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Be willing to question your approaches: Jones said the conclusion approximately how horrible fashion is for the environment and her choice to live her values made her query every desire she made and the paintings she has been doing up to that point. Adding that, it turned into a reawakening that made her new journey possible, so she may want to create “a imaginative and prescient for what I think fashion can be.”

Find a way to leverage the talents you have: At first, Jones idea she did no longer have the skillset to address the sustainability issues in the style enterprise and that she needed to go lower back to school for a technological know-how diploma. Then she realized she should use her storytelling skills and deep contacts inside the industry to make a difference in another way.

“All talent units are absolutely worth,” Jones defined, “due to the fact while we’re speaking about environmentalism…it’s everyone…each folk can discover a way to leverage our skill set, our network, our voice, our friends, our own family, but small or huge it may be, to contribute to developing trade.”