While the sector of Harry Potter and Hogwarts can be that of make-perception, albeit crafted to perfection, a UK couple is looking to hire a tutor who can make technological know-how training more engaging for their 11-year-old son. The quirky process of emptiness calls for a show who can use magic to teach the teenager. Incidentally, it asks for tutors who can take the apparel of famed Harry Potter characters like Professor Snape, Professor Sprouts, or maybe Professor Hooch.

UK Couple Wants Tutor to Dress as Severus Snape and Teach Harry Potter-Themed Lessons to Child 1

The couple from the United Kingdom, Kate, and John these days shared their requirements for the education on Tutor House for their son Toby, a Happy Potter fan.

According to their requirement, the couple is searching for a teacher, nicely versed in Potterverse, who can create Harry Potter-themed training so that the kid can revel in his studies.

According to the request, the dad and mom need the teacher “to dress as a Harry Potter professor at the same time as coaching the themed training, for instance, they may dress as Professor Snape at the same time as teaching him chemistry in ‘Potions’ themed classes, Professor Sprout at the same time as coaching biology through ‘Herbology,’ and as Professor hooch while teaching him approximately physics in ‘Flying instructions.'”

The requirement also states that the teacher has to carry props for the training, which includes wands and quills, and ought to have at least 4 years of enjoy teaching science and deep knowledge of the world of Harry Potter.

The request also noted, “We want a person who will position one hundred% attempt into the classes, essentially reworking our kitchen into Hogwarts!”

While we are hoping the teen gets his dream schooling (much like maximum of us, who woefully desired the same developing up), according to Harry Potter authentic internet site Pottermore, the week additionally marks the 21st anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, that noticed the wizarding global take up hands in opposition to Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, ultimately defeating them.