What does it take from a seven-year vintage to draw a picture of an orange tree? Does it handiest want the drawing abilties, or does it also require something extra? Does it want the college of exceptional observation, the eyes that can be trained to look at minute information? As educationalists or dad and mom, we want to change our outlook closer to learning and education. The gaining knowledge has to be greater practical and linked to the child’s instant environment.

Let us talk about what education is in the first actual region. We as adults want to apprehend the distinction between literacy and education; to keep away from any confusion, I will intricate each right here. Education is a lifestyle; it’s miles the way a character lives his existence, solves his issues and thinks rationally, and can make decisions.

On the opposite hand, literacy is a person’s capacity to read and write and carry out primary mathematics. According to global statistics, India ranks 159 among all the 196 countries in terms of literacy rate with a mere 69%.

True Education and now not Literacy is the Need of the Times 1

The data aren’t very encouraging, although good. In addition, the disappointing truth stays that there are colleges that might be following the hackneyed pedagogies which are nowhere connected to the learner and his environment/dwelling situations.

Viewpoints are mentioning many factors contributing to the high dropout rate of college students from colleges. To point out a few, youngsters drop out due to high poverty, and kids are regularly located running as people and contributing to the profits in their families. There is one hidden element as well. It does not meet the naked eye, so without problems.

The truth is that the college is considered as know-how keep house wherein the kid will acquire all the information from the teacher lecturing before him. There has now not been any credibility or responsibility for the child to apply his thoughts to think, reflect, and experiment. Instead, the child has to act against his desire; he/she has to tortuously take a seat thru many hours and try to healthy in all the existing facts into his head. It is possibly little or no scope to allow him to explore, interact, discover and embark on an interesting journey closer to self-exploration.

To understand the current scenario of how our pedagogy and methodology were designed, we will look into the emergence of our schooling device.  During the colonial time, the British had added schools to produce literate clerks who may want to read and write for clerical work. They did now not need thinkers or inquisitive souls as producing thinkers might have been a threat to their personal rule. They did not assist analytical competencies, trouble solving, statement competencies.

However, it has been 72 years of India’s freedom. The paradox is that we nevertheless retain the equal vintage education gadget wherein we discourage an infant from trying, from finding out their internal capacity, asking questions, and discovering themselves. We circumstance their thoughts with fear, tension, and danger.

We remain colonial in our mind and maintain to present significance to memory over the talents of reasoning, dialoguing. We consider dialoguing as offensive to the teacher and punish the kid for asking too many questions or arguing about what the instructor is offering.

In case a child increases his voice, he is considered indecent to impeach authority. Questioning, which is a natural manner to clarify, is considered taboo. In his e-book, Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill mentions that an educated individual is not always one who has an abundance of general and specialized information. To be definitely educated is to have nicely developed and skilled colleges of mind that one may also acquire something one desires without violating the rights of others.

As instructors and parents, we shoulder the duty of mentioning the child and shaping his future. However, that duty has turned into a burden. We stay and sustain in a production unit in which our hearts do no longer respond to our internal voices, and the pleasure of studying is a myth. As rightly quoted by using A.S Neil inside the book Summerhill “The characteristic of the child is to stay his personal lifestyles- not the lifestyles that his irritating mother and father factor he ought to stay, nor a life in line with the cause of the educator who thinks he is aware of what’s fine.”

Instead, our roles as adults need to be to scaffold a baby’s mastering. Please give them the stories, however, not condition them. What is wrong with failing? Failures are nothing but stories that assist us in growing. Now the question arises, if not this, then what type of training device will we want? We are searching for international leaders who can suppose, be appropriate hassle solvers, and have rational choice-making skills.

We want to permit our kids to make mistakes. Mistakes need to be no longer seen as failures; as a substitute, they should be visible as gaining knowledge of opportunities. As mothers and fathers, and educators, we want to be aware of analyzing, writing and arithmetic. The cognizance has to shift from mugging up to the practical implication of these talents.