Earlier this month, the arena’s biggest childcare company did their bit to assist the area’s youngsters in need. SOS Children’s Villages teamed up with entrepreneur Zina Khair, fashionista and emblem supervisor Miriam Abadi, and handling accomplice and influencer Katia Jundi to host their annual Ramadan suhoor elevating money for the children’s charity. Khair, Abadi, and Jundi, the event’s organizers, have visited SOS Children’s Villages, maximum these days to a Kfar Hay village in Lebanon, and are normal hosts of the organization’s charity occasions. Held at Dubai’s Grand Millennium Hotel, it changed into a stylish affair for a notable motive.

SOS Children’s Villages frequently organizes events to gain the ones in need – their latest Mother’s Day breakfast, as an example – on normally family-oriented occasions, encouraging us all to mirror and have in our thoughts the much less lucky who might also have lost their own family.

SOS Children's Villages Held A Charity Suhoor For Children In Need 1

The charity, which marks its seventieth anniversary this 12 months, runs in the Middle East because of the ’60s. There are 25 SOS Children’s Villages in 9 international locations spanning the Middle East and North Africa, which support nearly 10,000 kids. Valuable instructional, healthcare, and emergency programs are in the vicinity throughout Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria coordinated from the Gulf Area Office.

With a protracted-status dedication to enhancing the right of entry to training within the place, they have created the ‘YouthCan!’ program. The initiative ambitions to equip young human beings with the essential capabilities, knowledge, and education wished for work, supporting and mentoring, especially those without parental care. It launched the remaining year in Amman, in collaboration with MBC Al Amal.