This isn’t the first time a stupid internet controversy over police-themed skins in Blizzard’s online shooter has reared its unsightly head. It probably might not be the final. Actually, I hope Blizzard has a police-themed event someday with cops-and-robbers skins all around, just out of spite.

Back in 2017, humans had been freaking out due to the fact D.Va got a police-themed ‘Officer D.Va’ pores and skin. Apparently, all police officers are monsters (until you need one, I suppose).

Douglas writes that it feels “fraught with reskinning more characters traditionally related to “the coolest guys” into cartoonish send-united states of America police forces, especially in a sport designed utilizing an American studio inclusive of Blizzard. Her new pores and skin recall the black-clad soldiers that menaced anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters in Ferguson, Charlottesville, Chicago, Portland, and countless towns. According to the Washington Post, 360 human beings were killed through police until now in 2019.”

Apparently, “good men” and “law enforcement officials” are mutually distinctive in Douglas’s worldview. This is . . . Confusing to me. While there are genuinely horrific cops out there—awful police moves have sparked the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement despite everything—there also are many proper cops. I’d guess there are a long way, far more correct cops than horrific, and I’ve long argued that police reform is simply as much approximately shielding precise police as it is whatever else. Crooked cops make lifestyles tougher for desirable police officers in limitless methods.

'Overwatch' Characters Are Already Cops — Maybe It's Time To Stop Writing Ridiculous Clickbait Articles About Them 1

The perception that police officers are absolutely accessible killing harmless humans or “menacing” protesters is extraordinarily childish. It takes a complex problem and makes it black and white. Much just like the maximum ardent defenders of police who suppose they can do no wrong, Douglas lacks the entire factor of police reform to start with. (Not to mention, Brigitte isn’t always American, she’s Swedish, and Swedish police have far fewer deeply-rooted, systemic problems as some distance as I understand. I’m pretty positive Scandinavian prisons are even pretty best).

Even the neatest critics of police brutality and corruption do not anticipate that every one law enforcement officials are terrible; they realise that the majority of the hassle is institutional and calls for institutional reform (to legal guidelines, practices, ethics tips, internal assessment, precise departments and leadership, tech like body-cams, and so forth and so forth).

The War on Drugs and the militarization of police forces throughout America are actual issues this usa faces. There are actual sufferers of police abuse, and they’re often the maximum marginalized among us. And yet, there may still be literally nothing approximately having a cop (or cop pores and skin) in an online game that glorifies police brutality. This is the simplest “intricate” inside the experience that people have too much time on their fingers and now not enough interesting things to say.

The mere suggestion is insulting to the countless courageous men and women who positioned their lives on the road every day to help serve and shield. Most of those officials are decent, hard-running folks that do not shoot unarmed civilians or take bribes, or “menace” protesters. There are horrific apples, even entire terrible departments. Still, I fail to spot how the hero Brigitte exemplifies this merely by wearing a police outfit in a recreation approximately capturing each other, any extra than a display like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The certainly hilarious issue approximately this ridiculous piece of video game remark is the truth that Overwatch is, itself, a police pressure. The desirable guys in the game—there are both heroes and villains—are police officers already! Or at least they were police officers earlier than being disbanded and turning into vigilantes. Either manner, Brigitte and Soldier 76 and D.Va and many other characters in the game are essentially a global police pressure to prevent horrific men, evil robots, and terrorists. There’s nothing about Brigitte’s rise-up police skin that shows she’s an awful cop-out to harm innocents except in the wild creativeness of online game bloggers.

Games have all styles of characters. You can play as a criminal in Grand Theft Auto games, and even as it makes for a laugh recreation, it is no longer like Rockstar suggests we all go out and turn out to be criminals ourselves. These are video games, simple and simple. Stop pretending they are something else just to appear woke.

Okay, let’s end this factor with a final stunning piece of logical acrobatics:

“Brigitte is a man or woman who, in lore, is shown as a valiant defender of the simply and properly, a modern-day knight in armor following inside the footsteps of her idol Reinhardt,” Douglas writes over at Vice. “She may be that individual, or she may be a rebel cop. However, she cannot be both.”