Despite the increasing invasion of generation, several students are turning to gather deeper information on spirituality. Several institutes impart spiritual studies or theology publications that teach Indian scriptures by combining it with contemporary international science and technology. This allows college students to discover solutions to their day-by-day demanding situations, thereby maintaining their holistic improvement.
Talking to Education Times, Prabhakar Ballapalle, director, Bhaktivedanta Institute (BI), Bangalore, says, “The number one needs of our college students are to learn about the rightful manner of leading life, and inquisitiveness to know about the Vedic scriptures. We additionally get college students who want to examine Spiritual Studies to deal with regular usaand downs of life, manipulate their time or even stress higher.”

Spirituality, says Ballpalle, facilitates a deeper contemplation of reality. “With a mature knowledge and realization of reality thru spiritual practices and its philosophical analysis, a pupil might have a higher expertise of the day-by-day struggles of lifestyles, and the way these can be resolved easily.”

Available programs

Students who have exceeded elegance XII and feature a eager interest in philosophy, Indian mythology, and Vedas can opt for a diploma path in Spirituality, Spiritual Studies, or Spiritual Theology.
To create a better draw close at the difficulty, aspirants can cross for a master’s and even PhD program on Spiritual Studies.
Those who need to examine more on this at the side of the center situation can choose certificate guides.

Career opportunities

With spirituality being a significant platform, the choice to explore its numerous regions is considerable.
Considering the recognition of Yoga in India, students can emerge as yoga instructing. Besides that, they can also emerge as counseling instruct, public speaker, a instructor of Spiritual Studies, trainer and even a meditation specialist. Since the course also involves teachings on the ashram way of life, students can take in jobs in non-government companies (NGOs).
“Apart from these, applicants with rich pastimes in Humanities and Social Sciences can research in Spiritual Sciences as nicely,” provides Ballpalle.

Lead a better lifestyles through spirituality 1
Blending technological know-how with spirituality
Ram Gopal Uppaluri, director, distance schooling, BI, says, “Spiritual research lies past sensory perception, a hypothesis based totally reasoning and mystical reviews. Amalgamating it with technology renders finer know-how of the linkages among technological know-how, philosophy, and spirituality. Without medical clarification, college students could obtain simplest one-sided knowledge.”

How India sees Spiritual Studies

Although India has a wealthy spiritual lineage, Uppaluri says that maximum courses on Spiritual Studies are orientated toward practices and philosophical expositions. “With much less connection with technology and human cognizance, graduates of Spiritual Studies often fail to correlate with the contemporary society. Hence, there’s a need to introduce technology in spirituality.”