Social media structures are flooded these days with bulletins via mother and father and households approximately their wards’ fulfillment in board tests. All these announcements are normally for the scholars who have secured greater than 90%. Students who could not touch ninety% aren’t seen as if they have misplaced a few huge battle in life or they have got lost their well worth.

It is great to see that many students are studying properly and getting fantastic effects. Some of them are even crossing historical obstacles and getting 100% marks in several subjects. However, out of a crore college students appearing for all of the board tests throughout the u . S ., it’s far less than 10% of students who get interest, visibility and appreciation via families and society.


We infrequently take note of folks who get much less than ninety%, who fall between distinctive divisions and those who couldn’t clean the exam. About 17% of twelfth grade students and about 9% of 10th grade students in CBSE could not clean their checks. In 2017, approximately sixty five% 12th graders and 50% tenth graders couldn’t clear state board exams in Bihar. While college students above ninety% deserve to be celebrated, college students falling below specific classes need to by no means be disregarded or boycotted. Those who could not clear the examination do not should be left out or written off. For anybody, board checks must simply be a method and no longer the purpose.

The rising trend in board probabilities and linking this with the prestige of the own family and younger students open up many questions which we all must ask ourselves as mother and father, society and as a nation. Is the board examination the most critical instructional exercise to assess the benefit of a pupil? Is the destiny fulfillment of a scholar mainly determined on the basis of board effects?

Are the topics chosen by means of a scholar in board checks going to determine his or her destiny place of instructional hobby or activity pastimes? Is there any studies which proves that each one the toppers do relatively in life while individuals who scored much less than ninety% or individuals who failed in no way enhance or do well in existence?

If a lot of these questions do now not have particular answers, why can we push children so tough to perform properly in board checks? Aren’t we depriving lots of them a hazard to explore their hidden abilties and potential? We ought to speak this issue as it’s far inflicting titanic misery to many kids and their mother and father. Let’s not spotlight just the brighter aspect of the story.

Even though college students have diverse interests and capabilities, they all want to go through the same manner of evaluation wherein their advantage is judged on the premise of marks within the board assessments. At an age when college students have to discover their interests, they may be driven to do what not they all could preferably like to do.

Often college students are discouraged from persevering with with recreation with out information its function in mental and bodily health. Studies around the arena prove that sports activities help boom students’ productivity. But in India due to discouragement, many boys and especially ladies drop out from sports at some stage in their adolescence and then in no way choose those up once more. It turns into a lifestyles-lengthy loss for plenty individuals.

Schools have to also teach college students in subjects which take them past the textual content books and help them explore their ability. Coaching around life skills, moral values, mindfulness, time control, dealing with virtual devices, choices and choice making, profession counselling and guidance, and vocational education might be extraordinarily useful for the general development of the scholars. Students and dad and mom must also realise that even supposing those teachings will not get them marks in the board tests, those will help college students prepare for the future and might constantly stay relevant for them.

Most importantly, all these will help them revel in the system of gaining knowledge of and a number of these might assist them sharpen their brain as well. Some of the private schools have brought such training however we need to scale up and make those part of curricula below all of the boards.

It is the innovative college of youngsters in an effort to cause them to one-of-a-kind from machines inside the future. Karishma, one of the joint toppers of CBSE who secured 499 out of 500 in 2019, desires to turn out to be a dancer and this could be the case for many other students who secured desirable or awful marks. In any case, society, the entire usa and the planet aren’t simply being served by using engineers and doctors. Entertainers are similarly crucial for society and so are the chefs, photographers, painters, artwork conservationists and so on.

It is vital that we create a holistic mastering surroundings in every school of the united states in order that various gaining knowledge of opportunities can be supplied to students. Let them enjoy their life and find their very own abilities and potential. The board exam result is simply one step ahead in lifestyles and this isn’t always the handiest exam that may put together our kids for other checks in lifestyles. Let us admire the effort of each child in exceptional and difficult conditions. With various and distinct abilities, neo millennials of our united states of america have a lot to offer within the future. Let’s give them guide. They will actually find their manner.