KUALA LUMPUR, May 20 — A Malaysian former postgraduate scholar on the Hong Kong University (HKU), who targeted her sexual harassment ordeal on Facebook, claimed that the college has, when you consider that allowed her alleged harasser again on campus to preserve teaching.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post (SCMP) posted the day gone by, the female recognized best as ‘L,’ who has because again to Malaysia, she became taken aback when she located out approximately his reinstatement.

L claimed that the train, a married guy, stopped coaching for some time after being redeployed to some other instructional branch following her complaint approximately him to the college, but has all started tutoring at HKU again.

Alleged intercourse predator train at HK college reinstated despite reveal through Malaysian pupil 1

“To permit him again into the college after I have left, to jeopardize the safety of other woman college students indicates how gently HKU has taken this remember.

“There become relief and catharsis in writing my tale, but that’s not to say reliving the experience become in any manner first-rate.

“But I am seeking redress,” she changed into quoted as announcing.

L claimed that the person teaching part-time at Prince Philip Dental Hospital had made inappropriate bodily contact with her on numerous events between 2015 and 2017. She alleged that he had touched her again, arm and shoulder, no matter her brushing his palms away or even leered at her chest.

L published about her ordeal earlier this month on Facebook, after which it received momentum.

SCMP stated that HKU president Professor Zhang Xiang had pledged to cope with the problem once the Facebook account, reportedly urging workforce participants who held supervisory positions to “take all important steps to save you discrimination and harassment… Supervisors who fail to behave might be held accountable”.

The paper said that after it sought to attain an update on the latest allegations by using L, a HKU spokesperson responded via email that the college had “made a lot of efforts for the past years” in its policy, approaches, and practices to make sure same possibilities and prevent discrimination and harassment.

SCMP stated that the spokesperson explained that HKU’s Equal Opportunity (EO) unit, that’s tasked with dealing with harassment lawsuits and other college departments, had additionally organized “recognition programs, schooling classes, exhibitions for personnel and students on topics of equal opportunities and coping with of lawsuits and inquiries.”