(CNN)Landing an internship at NASA has been a dream come proper for India Jackson, who balances her time between raising a preteen daughter and superior math usage to expect sun flares and radiation belts.

But the unmarried mom wasn’t positive whether she may want to have the funds to do it.
Jackson, 32, is running on her Ph.D. in sun physics at Georgia State University in Atlanta.
“I’m kind of like a area climate female,” she said. “I may be the use of my mathematical historical past to try to are expecting solar flares and radiation belts.”
She’s been selected for a 10-week internship at NASA’s Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston, Texas.

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It’s a paid internship. However, transferring is pricey. Jackson said she’d fly together with her daughter, Jewel Henry, to Texas, discover an area to live, hire a vehicle and keep paying her bills at domestic, so she’ll have an area to stay after the internship.
“This is an extremely good and exquisite possibility, a lifetime dream,” Jackson said. “I just failed to recognise how I could do it.”

Her cousin, Dasha Fuller, installation a GoFundMe campaign to assist her out.
“I did not want her to show down the opportunity just due to the fact she couldn’t get available,” Fuller stated. “I knew how plenty it meant for her.”
‘Would honestly love to work for NASA’
Fuller said she’d by no means tried crowdfunding before, but it labored. The campaign stopped taking donations after a day as it had passed the $8,000 purpose.
“I’ve gotten a perfect amount of guide from all around the world,” Jackson stated.
Jackson hopes to complete her doctorate in 2022 and plans to attempt to get a process as a research professor at an Atlanta-place college.

“I will constantly educate; I will always train, even though it’s part-time. I will constantly be a college trainer, whether it’s math or physics,” she said.
But, she hopes that NASA is also part of her destiny.
“If given the opportunity, I might love to paintings for NASA, and [my] last lifetime intention is to get to the International Space Station. If it has been viable for me to do that in any manner, I could truely take the steps of the one to make that happen,” she said.
“It may be a tough factor to do, but what I’ve carried out thus far has been tough, so it is no longer not possible for me to make that occur.”