Sarah Soule is one of all Stanford University’s ought to esteemed scholars. Her work on protest movements that do and do not sway decisions has attracted attention internationally.

Sarah now leads a whole lot of Stanford’s paintings online studying. But for years, she resisted the flow to online education, thinking not anything could update face-to-face interaction. In our brand new podcast, she acknowledges what scared her and why and the way she changed her thoughts.

As we dig deeper into the effects of preserving your thoughts open in a single vicinity and how that affects behaviors in others, Sarah explains why changing her thoughts on online getting to know helped her learn how to value Eminem’s song too.

A Stanford professor admits getting it definitely wrong approximately online education 1

Read extra on Sarah’s research in ‘How protests that swing elections.’ You can also need to have a look at ‘Firefighters can educate us how to make appropriate decisions underneath pressure’ on Quartz, and we also propose a more educational article about the way that radicals have traditionally helped moderates pass the needle in politics: ‘Radical flank consequences.’